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Our Story- The Trusted Second-Hand Gold Jewellery Buyers in Kolkata

Nexus Gold is one of the leading names in the instant cash-for-gold buying market in Kolkata. We are in the gold buying business for decades and work with trusted operators. You will enjoy instant cash payment facility and also online transfer (NEFT/RTGS) facility as well. If you have large chunks of old or used gold jewellery to sell for or if you are looking for a trusted second-hand gold jewellery buyers in Kolkata; Nexus Gold is here to help you. Don’t worry as we also offer home service to our special customers.

We not only buy old gold jewellery but any type of gold from clients. Our buying range caters to used, unused gold, gold bars, and other old gold items. Another important thing is to remember that we don’t buy from any minors and students or any random person. In case of minors & students their parents must accompany with them at our branch.

Our team will do a complete evaluation if there is any doubt. You will have to bring your KYC documents if you are planning to sell your gold to us. As gold jewellery buyers in Kolkata, we always ensure that you will get the best price for gold jewellery from us.

We pride ourselves on our expertise that delivers exceptional services to esteemed customers. Plus, we have an experienced team who will guide you at each step to ensure a seamless process. All our customer driven facilities and services make us a primary choice in the second hand gold jewellery buyers in Kolkata market.

We are the leading gold jewellery buyers in Kolkata. So, what are you waiting for? Keep in touch with us and get the best price for your gold instantly.  

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