Our Process to Sell Gold for Cash in Kolkata

As a trusted old gold buyer in Kolkata, we have simplified the process to sell gold for cash in Kolkata for our customers. Following are the steps for selling your gold:

Bring Your Gold

Bring your old and used gold jewellery to our nearest branch with original bill or proper KYC documents.

Removing Dirt and Debris from Your Gold

We remove all dirt and debris from your gold right in front of you to maintain the utmost transparency in the process.

Evaluating Purity of Gold

Our experts test the purity of gold using German technology Karatmeter.

Value of Your Gold

We will determine the market price of your gold. Then, our store manager will tell you about the valuation of your gold.

Instant Cash Payment

Lastly if you agree to our offered price, you can sell gold for cash in Kolkata. You will get instant cash payment from our store or we can also transfer the amount into your bank account.

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