Why Us

Why Choose us as Used Gold Buyers in Kolkata?

If you are planning of selling gold jewellery in Kolkata, then Nexus Gold is a trusted name as used gold buyers in Kolkata. Few reasons to why you should choose us:

Leading and Trusted Brand Name

We are a trusted name in this business. We have been operating as used gold buyers in Kolkata for over 20+ years and operate with trust, honesty, and transparency. As a result, we have earned tremendous credibility and respect over the decades.

Use Of Advanced Technology

Nexus Gold uses an advance Karatmeter to weigh the purity of gold. In addition, we use advanced crucible for melting gold. These crucibles do not retain any gold after the completion of the melting process.

Utmost Transparency

We clean the gold in front of customers to assure them that no malpractice is involved in weighing gold.

Current Market Price

Instead of using the lowest price for the day, we use the current market price to value gold.

100% Genuine Gold Selling Process

We offer unmatched valuation and have a 100% authentic gold selling process.

Instant Cash

As trusted used gold buyers in Kolkata, we provide you instant cash on sell; online bank transfer is also possible.

Gold Prices Have Risen 40% In The Last 12 Months. Now It's A Brilliant Time To Sell.

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