How to Sell Gold for Cash in Kolkata?

Since ancient times, Indians have been using gold as a type of investment. Therefore selling gold has become one of the common practices in the country. Gold can be converted into money whenever you want. It has become easy to sell gold for cash in Kolkata today by following the right methods. 

Banks do not buy gold coins, bars and other such things from people after selling them. This is the reason why some people do not have an option but to sell to a goldsmith in exchange for money. Some goldsmiths in the market take advantage of this situation and deduct a lot as melting charge, wastage charge and so on.

One gets less than sixty to sixty-five percent of gold value which is not worthy enough to the customers. This is why one should deal with the best goldsmiths and buyers who are ready to pay a good amount for the gold they want to sell without deducting anything unnecessarily.

Following are some of the points that one should know to sell gold in exchange for money.

Invoice Or The Bill

A genuine merchant generally requests that you present the first bill while selling gold. This aids in staying away from problematic circumstances as the purity of the ornament is mentioned in the bill.  This makes it unimaginable for the gem specialists to deny anything as everything about the bought gold is expressed in the bill.

Worth of Gold

Since there is no normalized strategy to know the selling price of the gold, it is prudent to take statements about your gold from various gold buyers before selling.

Learn About The Purity Of Your Gold

Ensure that the gold jewellery, bar or coin that you are selling has the trademark sign and that it is complete.

If the gold that you are selling is 24 carat, then it is 916 hallmarked. This means that your gold has 91.6 percent gold all others are blended in with compound to make trimmings out of it. If there is no such trademark on the gold, gem dealers will try to change the purity of the gold.

Confirm The Price Of The Gold

Goldsmiths have various techniques to check the purity of gold like, for example, the basic analysis, electrical conductivity test or XRF test. Additionally, some gem dealers and gold buyers dissolve some trimmings and channel the gold to decide the immaculateness and weight yet again it is a misfortune if you are not content with the purity and weight of your gold.

Follow this guide and sell gold to reliable Goldsmiths. Search for sell gold for cash near me on the Internet and get a reference to the best gold buyers in Kolkata.

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