How To Sell Old Gold To Old Gold Buyers In Kolkata?

It is frequently seen that when people need money they seem to sell their gold in exchange for money. The cash that these people get in return for their gold jewellery is generally lesser than the actual value of the gold.

If you want to avoid this kind of problem and disappointment, keep reading and check out the points that are below. Following these points, you will get the right amount of money for your gold from the old gold buyers in Kolkata. 

Do Not Follow Up The Drive

Carefully assess all the gold that you want to sell. In most of the gold jewellery, you will get some enthusiastic esteem. Make sure that the esteem does not take away the value which you should get for the gold product. The gems that are perfect and have no broken parts, jewellery without any missing parts, etc, are valuable and you will get a better price for these gold products. 

Keep The Receipt

Reliable and trusted old gold buyers will always ask for the receipt or invoice of the gold jewellery that you are planning to sell. The invoice of the product proves that the gold belongs to you and nobody else. Along with this, the old gold buyer will not be able to question the purity of the gold that you are trying to sell as it will be expressed in the bill that you get during your purchase.

Know The Worth

Before you sell the gold to the buyer, you should know the worth of gold that you are planning to sell. Check with other reputed buyers and jewellers and ask them the worth of the gold that you are selling. As there are no techniques in the industry that will help you know the exact worth of the gold, it is advised to take the help of the top-rated jewellers.

The price of gold changes daily and people like us can’t take note of it. Before you decide to sell, visit the best jewellers and at least get three to four statements before you sell the gold. This is how you will get able to get the estimated value of the gold you have and get the best price for the product from old gold buyers in Kolkata.


Check The Gold Purity

You must check whether the gold jewellery is hallmarked or not. Hallmark is what establishes the purity of the gold that you are selling. The jewellery that is around nine hundred sixteen hallmarked is ninety-one per cent pure gold of twenty-two-carat gold. The jewellers should get gold of 916 hallmarks than the gold that is not hallmarked as there is no authenticity of the gold purity.

The Final Price

The gold that the buyers get from you is dissolved and the money that you get is for pure gold without the unwanted elements. The cost of the gold product that you are selling gets deducted from what it cost you. Be wise enough to take the product to two or three buyers to get the best price after removing the unwanted elements. 

These are some of the points that one should follow while selling their old gold to the buyers in Kolkata.

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